Bella Victoria

Bella Victoria.
An Australian born dream, founded in 2010, spurred from international travels, a love of fashion, an obsession with bikinis, the sun, luxury, yachts, pools, water and the ocean.

This swimwear, fashion and accessories company is my baby, my 10 year project that I will not tend to just yet while I pursue my other obsessions, but as a personal business venture, (the product of talent, drive and ambition), this dream will surface when the time is right.

This photoblog is a celebration of sexy women, curves, beautiful swimwear and photography, the place where I collect ideas, design references and inspiration. I welcome your thoughts, comments and love. If you're offended by gorgeous brown bums, great boobs, serious curves and a little nudity then you might be in the wrong place...
Stay tuned, lots of love, Bella x